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Aidan from Texas



from Texas

Aidan is a helpful child who enjoys finding ways to help around the house, at school and to others in his life. He loves receiving love and attention from adults. He enjoys playing with his peers. Like many kids his age, he wants to have everything his way. Aidan enjoys playing with trucks, superheroes, and his iPad. He will always share a smile with anyone who is smiling at him. He loves to laugh and be in the good graces of those around him. He also loves to learn and enjoys school. Aidan enjoys when people talk calmly to him and rub his back, if he is having a particularly rough moment. He enjoys playing on the tablet and watching movies. He will make a terrific addition to a loving forever family.

Aidan's forever family will be patient and loving. His family will enjoy having an active child in their home. He will benefit from a family who has experience working with children. Hid family will provide routine and structure. They will encourage and guide Aidan so that he understands the rules of the home. A family who is involved in various activities will be ideal. His forever family will encourage learning and help Aidan to meet all goals in school and in life. Constant reminders and consistent structure is a must for Aidan. Aidan would like to live in Texas so that he can maintain his sibling connection.

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