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Aiden from Texas



from Texas

Aiden is a very outgoing boy with a very inquisitive nature. He loves history and learning new things. Aiden loves to receive attention. He is not a morning person and can use some extra time to get going in the morning, but once he gets going he is ready to take on the day. Aiden loves to build things and has a very creative mind. He enjoys activities which keep his hands busy. He is working to strengthen his coping skills to better express his feelings. Aiden thrives on structure, routine, and consistency. He responds well to positive praise and affirmations for good choices. Aiden benefits when given simple directions. Aiden enjoys being a helper, and he also likes having opportunities to share power and feel a healthy sense of control. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Aiden will thrive in a home where there are few other children so his caregivers can provide him with the attention that he desires. If there are other children in the home, it would good to have someone close in age for Aiden. Aiden loves animals and they have a therapeutic effect for him, so it would be ideal if his family loves animals just as much as he does. He will thrive with a family who is creative and will cultivate that side of him. He will also benefit from a family who is physically active and will provide him with physical outlets to channel his energy in positive ways. Having parents who offer to let him try again after making a mistake or engaging in negative behavior, rather than immediately resorting to consequences will be ideal for Aiden. His family should provide a high degree of structure and predictability to help him feel safe and secure.

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