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Akasha from Texas



from Texas

Akasha is a sweet, loving, and vibrant girl. She has a sweet spirit and a smile that can light up the room. Akasha loves girlie things, from dressing up to having her hair braided. She enjoys talking to people on her own time. Akasha likes listening to music and singing along with the artist. She loves to color pictures and hang her pictures up on her wall and look at them. She enjoys using colors, markers, and map colors and makes them colorful. Akasha likes to watch movies and cartoons are her favorite. She can sit and watch a movie and then ask to watch another back to back. She also enjoys using her electronic to watch movies or play games on it. Akasha likes to go outside and play at the playground and swing on the swing set.

Akasha desires a family with a mother and father. She is okay with having other siblings of any age in the home. She wants a family who enjoys spending time together having movie nights at home. Akasha would like a family who is creative and likes to color and help her with coloring or watch her. She can be a great big sister or great little sister. Akasha will benefit from a loving family who will set boundaries for her and provide her with plenty of structure. She needs a family who will commit to her forever. Akasha is ready to meet her family and start her life with them.

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