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Alan from Texas



from Texas

Please meet charming Alan, he is full of personality and energy. He can be shy at times, but warms up to new people quickly when given positive attention. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and a drawing pad in his pocket. Alan's creative side gives him an interest in drawing, coloring, and building. He also has a love for sports and thoroughly enjoys playing football, soccer, and basketball. At school, he prefers reading and social studies more than any other subjects. Alan makes friends easily and will often join in when other children are up to mischief. He is most successful when he is provided guidance to remain on task and make good decisions when others may not be. Alan is active and will try most things at least once. He enjoys the outdoors, including hikes, swimming, and camping. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Alan's forever family will be one who will nurture and encourage Alan's creativity in order to open up a world of possibilities to him. Building upon his creativity will give him confidence and will show him he has the support of his family to do whatever he wishes. Alan's family will also support and provide guidance to him on how to make good choices and be a leader despite when other peers are pushing him to stray from his path. Alan can easily become annoyed and irate with others which sometimes leads to verbal arguments with his peers. His parents will be strong role models to teach him about boundaries and personal space as he enters adolescence. His parents will provide structure in a loving environment which encourages personal growth and achievement. Alan needs a family who will be committed to helping him to continue the progress he has made at school. His family will be educational advocates for him. This will show Alan that they are in his corner to help him through life.