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Alejandro from Texas



from Texas

Alejandro is a quiet child who likes soccer, football, and basketball. He also likes to play video games. Alejandro is a very respectful child. He listens and follows directions from authority figures and gets along well with his peers. Although Alejandro is very verbal, he continues to work on expressing his emotions and being verbal with others. In school, Alejandro has experienced many changes and the school system is a new journey for him. He currently utilizes resources and assistance to help him succeed. It appears he enjoys his new experiences at school and enjoys being with others his age. Alejandro is a very out spoken child. He makes others laugh and he smiles a lot.

Alejandro needs a loving and caring family who is able to provide a stable home environment. His family should be able to assist him with his religious beliefs and cultural background. They should provide stability and understand age appropriate discipline. Alejandro needs a family who is able to exercise patience and understanding, especially as it pertains to adjusting to school and the new obstacles this experience can bring.

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