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Aleria from Texas



from Texas

Aleria is a creative youth who enjoys being her own character. She plans to pursue a career in acting when she is older. Aleria is unique, talented, and embraces her individuality. She is bright and charismatic, but at times can struggle with communicating her feelings and needs assistance expressing her emotions. Aleria has learned ways to manage her feelings by engaging in supportive services. Aleria loves her siblings and is always thoughtful about making them feel special on their birthdays. Some of Aleria's interests and hobbies include skating, swimming, listening to music, and drawing. She also enjoys playing with animals.

Alasyha, Angel, Aleria, and Jayvin have a close connection with each other and tend to follow each other's outlook. They tend to keep secrets for each other and are able to confide in one another. Alasyha is the oldest of the sibling group. She loves to laugh and is affectionately known as the clown of the group. Jayvin seems to be connected the most with Alasyha. Alasyha loves her brother and they can often be seen joking around with each other. Angel and Jayvin also show their affection to each other by picking on one another. Angel is sporty, strong and also close to her older sister, Alasyha. Of the group, Angel is the most laid back. Aleria is the youngest of the girls. She easily expresses her thoughts and feelings. Although Aleria prefers to be alone, she tends to be the leader of the group. She prefers to spend time with her siblings individually.

Aleria will fit into a family that provides her encouragement and support on reaching her personal and academic goals and dreams. She will benefit from having a family who is patient, understanding, and can provide a safe place for her to communicate her needs and struggles. Aleria responds best to a predictable and structured environment.

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