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Alexa from Texas



from Texas

Alexa considers herself a sporty, yet girly-girl. Alexa enjoys playing soccer, softball, choir, and dance. She also enjoys being the team manager and helping the girls with their equipment. Alexa takes pride in her contribution to the teams she helps to manage. Alexa can be shy at first, and it can take her a bit of time to open up to new people. However, Alexa is a social butterfly with her peers and easily gets along with other children and adults. Alexa would love to have a pet of her own someday. Some of Alexa's other interests include playing outside and singing karaoke. She also enjoys spending time shopping, and buying and playing with make-up. Alexa is affectionate and likes to feel appreciated for her accomplishments. She also loves to read books, as well as watch science fiction and action packed movies.

Alexa will do great in a family that is outgoing and active. She would prefer to be an only child, but is open to having older siblings. Alexa would like a family who can help her with her educational goals and assist her in pursuing her dreams after high school. She needs a family that is understanding of her history and accepts her for who she is. Alexa needs attention, redirection, and affection. She needs appropriate supervision and consistency, as she does better with routines.

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