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Alexis from Texas



from Texas

Alexis is a very sweet, charming, and loveable teenage girl. She loves to go shopping and pick out her favorite new outfit. She also enjoys getting her nails done, and practicing doing her makeup by watching video tutorials. Alexis has a selfless heart and chooses to help those around her. She has an independent personality and does best when she is provided choices or given explanations versus being told "no". Alexis is not quite sure what she wants to do for her career when she gets older, but she loves spending time with animals and has considered that as a future path. She enjoys getting different perspectives from others and asks adults for life advice often. She likes to make people proud of her and takes pride in what she does. Alexis is intelligent and likes solving Sudoku puzzles.

Alexis' forever family will be patient and nurturing. Alexis' forever family will help her achieve her goals. Alexis would love a home that has pets. Alexis' forever family will support her and provide all of her needs into adulthood.

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