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Alilyana from Texas



from Texas

Please meet sweet Alilyana! She loves to be held and enjoys playful interaction with those who love her. She is described as sassy. She has many nicknames like "Lily bug" and "Sassy" and those who know her love her so. She loves the movie Frozen and her special nurse. She will seek out those she trusts when she feels bad or if there is a change. Alilyana is able to make her preferences known. She is particular about who she loves and makes it obvious to those who know her best. She does best with caregivers who are relaxed and gives her some space as well. She needs people who are able to sense her responses at times and someone who will take the time to get to know her best. She listens when books are read to her. Alilyana enjoys music, especially songs from the movie Frozen and she is schooled at home.

Alilyana's forever family will be one with medical training. They will have an understanding of her medical needs and be open to accepting new help for her as options for helping her progress can be located. Her forever family will be strong advocates for her so that she can be comfortable while working toward healing. Her family will help her feel safe and stable and happy. Her family will understand change is hard for her as well as give her space along with attention when it is needed. Her forever parents will learn to read nuances in her expressions and sounds and learn what helps her feel better. Her forever parents will be devoted to her daily care and advocate for her to receive the best assistance necessary. They will navigate the support systems that she needs. Her forever family will be dedicated to ensuring that she lives her life to the fullest, while she blesses them with her sweetness. Alilyana's parents will look forward to singing to her, and making her smile.

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