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Allison from Texas



from Texas

Allison is a very kindhearted and animated teenager who has a great sense of humor. She enjoys being involved in various types of activities at school and in the community. Allison is active in her school's marching band where she plays the flute. She is very passionate about music and loves playing her flute. Allison also enjoys attending church services on a regular basis and being involved in the youth programs at the church. In her spare time, Allison enjoys reading books, listening to music and crocheting. Allison is very "school" focused and currently on grade level and her favorite subject is Spanish. Allison does have some sensitivity towards being rejected at times and needs to be encouraged to enhance her overall self-esteem.

Allison needs a consistent and structured home environment where she feels safe. She will do best with a single mom who will set appropriate boundaries while also addressing her coping skills. Allison will also benefit tremendously if she is enrolled in extracurricular activities where she can continue to socialize and enjoy the company of her peers.