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Alyssa from Texas



from Texas

Alyssa is a lovely, sweet girl that loves to give hugs. At first Alyssa appears shy but she is very social and talkative once she gets comfortable. She is eager to please her caregivers and wants to help others. Alyssa looks forward to having a mom to go on mom and daughter outings. Alyssa is a "girly-girl," who shows an interest in things like her hair, nails, and fashion. Alyssa also enjoys playing outdoors, skating, watching movies, and hanging out with her peers. She can be described as a person who has firm opinions and likes to have things go the way she envisions. Alyssa is continually working to improve herself and likes to stay active. She is currently running track at school. Alyssa recently discovered she is good at fishing and really enjoys it. She enjoys doing family activities and looks forward to being part of a family who will nurture her and show her the love she is yearning. Alyssa is caring and energetic and is looking forward to being adopted by a family who can support her interest and talents. Alyssa has a lot of personality to share with her forever family!

Alyssa's ideal family will provide unconditional love, boundaries, and work well with routines. She thrive in a family who is active and encourages her to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. Alyssa needs a family who will invest in her emotionally and will model what appropriate parent-child relationships should look like. Her forever parents will work with Alyssa on building her communication skills and teaching her to trust. Alyssa's family will be patient with her and guide her on appropriate behaviors. She needs a mom and dad who will show her love and make her feel comfortable and welcomed in her forever family. Alyssa will do okay in a home with pets and with other children.

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