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Alyssa from Texas



from Texas

Alyssa is a loving and affectionate child with an infectious giggle. She is friendly and gives affection freely and spontaneously. Alyssa loves animals and outdoor activities. She is very talkative, but her speech can be challenging to understand. She receives speech therapy and is showing improvement. She has no difficulties making her feelings known. Alyssa really enjoys going to school and especially riding the bus. At school, she receives supportive services to help her work at her own pace. Alyssa needs assistance and reminders with focusing on tasks. She is active and has difficulty sitting still for long periods. Alyssa can be expressive with her emotions at times and needs help following directions. She does well with older and younger children. She likes the idea of having a pet.

Alyssa needs a family who can provide her with guidance, one-on-one attention, and will love her and show her affection. She needs a family with patience and experience in dealing with children with special needs. She will do best in a family with reasonable expectations of her long term abilities. Alyssa does best with a consistent routine with immediate and consistent consequences. Parenting Alyssa requires unconditional love and acceptance and a lifetime of commitment to caregiving and advocacy.