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Amberly from Texas



from Texas

Amberly is full of life and always has a hearty laugh at the ready. She enjoys being active and participating in a variety of activities. She likes to participate in swimming, ballet, soccer, dance, fashion shows, baseball, basketball, cooking, and baking. Amberly enjoys singing and is not shy about sharing her singing with others. She has a healthy appetite and will always say yes to ice cream. Amberly has an artsy, creative streak. She enjoys coloring in adult coloring books in her spare time. Her favorite school subject is Current Events. Her current goal is to obtain her driver's license. Amberly aspires to be a cosmetologist when she grows up.

The ideal family for Amberly will be a loving and patient one. She is seeking a family who will provide her with love, structure, and a feeling of security. Her family will offer her support and guidance as she grows and encouragement with her future goals. The ideal home will be a two parent home or a home with extensive support to give her plenty of attention. She will benefit from being an only child in the home so her parents can provide ample time to her. Amberly's family will advocate for her in the school system and she will benefit from additional support with her schoolwork.

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