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Andera from Texas



from Texas

Andera is an active and loveable young girl. She is a smart child who finds ways to make her daily needs and desires known. Andera takes her time to adjust to a new environment. Though, once she has adapted to her new environment, she is a loving child. Andera appears to be very in tune with nature, her favorite pastime is being outdoors. She likes to play with trees and grass. Andera gets extremely excited anytime she sees water or hears it running. She also likes to take nature walks to enjoy the weather and being outside. She enjoys listening to music, playing with dolls and balloons. Andera will often attempt to mimic the sounds and sing-along. Music provides a calming response for Andera. She will make a loving addition to any family!

Andera's forever family will be loving and patient. She would strongly benefit from having one of her parents at home full-time. Andera's forever family will provide structure and a consistent routine to her daily activities. She attends church and other outings in the community. Andera does not interact much with other children, but she appears to be very comfortable around very young children that she can intellectually relate to. Andera needs a family who is committed to her growth and development and care as she grows to adulthood.

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