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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is a real sweetheart. She enjoys being loving and kind. Angel appreciates people who spend time with her and encourage her. She thrives on praise and positive reinforcement. Angel is creative and crafty. She creates amazing art projects. Angel likes to learn new things and is talented at taking old things to make new things. She is working on making her old past into a bright and new future. Angel is aware of her situation and at times she experiences overwhelming emotions because of her sensitive insight. She is working on developing coping skills to manage her feelings. Angel can become sad when she thinks of her past. She can become discouraged and sees herself through the events in her life. Angel has to be reminded that she is separate from past events. She needs parents who will see and remind Angel daily that she is wonderful and how great is her potential. Angel experiences behaviors that she wants to change. She is easily redirected and truly needs understanding. Acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgement and unconditional love are the healing elements that empower Angel to make the changes that reveal her true self. Angel is an easy child to encourage. She is very smart and loves school. Angel prides herself on making good grades and learning as much as possible. She strives to do well and gain approval. Angel has had an exceptional amount of disappointment and requires a great deal of love, guidance and attention.

A patient and understanding family is required for Angel. They will need to set concrete boundaries, be flexible and express love while correcting. Angel?EUR(TM)s family will be experienced and have knowledge of effective tools to successfully parent children with special needs. They will support her healing process by working with professionals to ensure consistencies throughout her day. Angel?EUR(TM)s family will be careful to promote her potential and gently guide her. They will instill family values and take advantage of teaching opportunities to help Angel grow and mature into a thriving young lady. Her parents will take great joy in making her know that she is loved, safe and valued. A loving family with a special place just for Angel is all she wants. Angel says she would like her own room and a brother or sister. Lots of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles would be a big plus for Angel.

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