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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Meet Mr. Cool Guy, Angel. He is a sweet, loving, and bright teenager. He enjoys going to the movies and the park. Angel enjoys staying busy and active. He has a big heart and an affectionate personality. Angel enjoys the company of others, he is friendly and outgoing when he feels part of a family. He benefits from patience, as sometimes he needs direction follow with adult requests and rules. In the classroom, Angel benefits from individual attention to avoid getting distracted by others. He is witty and enjoys making other people laugh. Angel also likes to play sports and be outdoors, as he feels free when roaming and exploring. His love for sports makes him a big NFL and NBA fan. His dream is to attend some games in big arenas and watch his favorite players play!

Angel wants to feel loved, secure, and accepted by a family. He would like to be involved in the adoption process. Angel is very outspoken, and knows what he wants in a family. Angel will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency, along with close supervision. His family must spend individual time with him and obtain any needed resources. Angel's family will be committed and not give up on him. His family will continue to work with him to express his feelings and encourage more progress. They will provide him with a structured environment, while encouraging him to grow and develop his own interests. Angel will do best with a family who is active and can keep up with him.

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