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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is a fun on-the-go active youth. He is a typical boy who loves burritos, hamburgers, spaghetti and sleeping in. Angel is quick to hop out of bed for a game up of pick-up basketball and you had best bring your "A" game for this All-Star. Angel is an avid gamer and loves to play all types of video games. Angel would love to see new places and would love the opportunity to travel. Angel is athletic and yearns to see his forever family cheering him on from the stands. If not gaming -whether basketball or video, Angel is also up for a hike through canyons, mountains or desert. Angel is a physical outdoorsy type of kid and loves to be active. Angel can be shy but once he comes out of his shell, he can be comical and will entertain the masses.

Angel would love to be part of a traditional but fun two parent household and wouldn't mind if they happen to have some pets. He will benefit from a loving family who will set boundaries and provides him with plenty of structure, love, and nurture. Angel will often test limits and boundaries so a united family that can parent together or with their support system would be great for Angel. A family that can help Angel learn, support and progress on his educational journey would be a huge benefit for Angel. The ideal family for Angel will be a dedicated family who is able to meet all of his needs. He will need time to trust and bond with the family.

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