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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is a delightful child. She loves to flash her pearly whites while showing off her deep dimples. Angel is full of life and love. She enjoys being active, running, playing, and having fun. Laughter seems to be Angel's best friend. She is exceptional in that she manages to smile after deep disappointments. Angel has a great desire for unconditional love and acceptance. She tries to march on like a super trooper. Angel would like supportive parents who will love and help her heal. Angel articulates her feelings and does well when one-on-one time is spent with her. She is aware of her situation and is ready to move forward. Angel has some up and down experiences, but does her best every day. She likes having structure, concrete boundaries, and feels safe with routines. It is important for Angel to have things and people she can count on. Angel says that she hopes families will see her pictures, like her, and adopt her. She believes that she will get a new family and they will love her very much. Angel works hard at pleasing people and being "good". She needs parents who will understand and show patience when Angel misses the mark. Angel will need to continue supportive services to help her overcome past issues. She likes to play make believe and with baby dolls. Angel enjoys making friends and is learning how to maintain those friendships. She is a sweet child and fragile. Angel sometimes tries to have a hard shell to protect herself and her self-esteem. She should be the youngest or only child in the home. Angel needs attention and constant reassuring to help her cope and start to rebuild trust. She is progressing. Angel likes animals, but is not very comfortable with smaller animals and prefers a big family pet. Angel is curious and likes to be active. She would love to be in extracurricular activities and go on family outings.

Angel says she would like a mommy and daddy. It is believed that she will do very well in a two parent home. The ideal family for Angel will have experience in parenting and with special needs. Her parents will need to persevere with Angel. They will connect with her to gain trust and help her adjust and gain emotional strength. Angel will benefit from older siblings as role models and protectors/mentors.

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