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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is a polite, friendly, and soft-spoken child. She loves being outdoors, bike riding, doing arts and crafts projects, listening to music, and watching movies. Angel has recently developed a love for reading and enjoys reading books. She has had many opportunities to participate in various church- and summer-camps and has expressed an interest in continuing to attend camps, as she likes being active, spending time outdoors, and playing with peers. Angel likes school and receives accommodations, including extra assistance with assignments and testing, to help her succeed. She has struggled in the past with reading and comprehension, as well as math. Angel's reading skills have improved due to the consistent encouragement and assistance she receives from her teachers and caregivers. At times, Angel benefits from prompts to complete homework. She is responsive to redirection in this area. Angel has a younger sister who is not part of this adoption. She would like to maintain contact with her, if possible.

Angel will do well in a two-parent or single-female parent home, where there is stability, structure, and nurturing. She will do best with parents that play an active role in her learning activities, as she will need continued educational accommodations, including extra assistance with assignments and testing. Angel will benefit from parents who are willing to learn how to address her from a nurturing standpoint. Her parents will need to set clear limits of age appropriate consequences, as well as a reward system, so that she has a clear understanding of house rules and expectations. Angel's family will need to be open to continued supportive services for her, as needed. Angel gets along well with other children and seems to enjoy being a big sister to younger children. She also loves animals and has experience with dogs in the home.

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