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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is an outgoing and sports-loving youth. He loves playing football and is always hoping to play football with his buddies at the park. He plans on trying out for the school football team and possibly one day he will be scoring touchdowns for the NFL and smiling on a box of Wheaties on the breakfast table. Angel's favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys and he loves watching it on television. Angel is a bright youth who does well in all of his classes. Although he does well in school, he is always ready for summer to be here. Angel enjoys eating fried chicken, pizza, and any other kind of food. He likes playing on the Xbox with his buddies. Angel also likes watching movies and going to the movies.

Angel is looking for a single mom and he would like to be the only child in the home. He is fine with animals in the home. Angel is okay with moving to another state or staying in Texas. He said he would love to move to Dallas so he could be even closer to the Dallas Cowboys. He would like to have his own room and a big backyard so he can throw the football around. Angel would like to have a mom that is into sports, preferably football, and who will go to all of his practices and games. He wants a mom who likes to be active and go on adventures.

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