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Angela from Texas



from Texas

Angela is an inquisitive and energetic girl. She is very outspoken. Angela is always defending others by sticking up for them, especially when she feels they have been mistreated. Angela is athletic and enjoys sports. She played softball this past summer. Angela enjoys being outdoors. She can be seen riding a bicycle, on a skate board, or just running around on the playground. Angela likes school, and does well in her classes. She enjoys spending time on her tablet, playing games or listening to music. Angela is a creative and artistic child. She enjoys drawing, coloring, and painting. Angela enjoys learning how to cook; she is always eager to assist with cooking.

Angela would prefer to be in a home with a mother only. She will thrive in a home with a consistent and structured environment which will make her feel safe and wanted. Angela will benefit from a family who will encourage her to do the best she can in her daily activities. Her family will enjoy participating in outdoor activities and will be patient in redirecting her when needed and enjoy challenges.

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