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Angelique from Texas



from Texas

Angelique is an outspoken teenage girl with a unique and comical personality. When first meeting her, she appears quiet and reserved, once she warms up her strong personality shines through. Angelique has many different interests including singing in the choir, playing with animals, and using technology, like a cell phone or computer. She gets along well with others and is self-reliant. Angelique demonstrates strong-minded and spontaneous characteristics. She enjoys attention from others and can be very persuasive when it comes to her point of view. Angelique follows directions and is able to clean up after herself. Angelique is captivated by animals. She enjoys science class in school. Currently, Angelique benefits from support services in academic arenas. Angelique does well in school. Angelique has the potential to excel in her education with a structured learning environment.

Angelique will benefit from a family who will provide a good balance of patience, structure, and consistency while allowing her to explore different interests as she navigates through her teenage years. In addition, a family who promotes education and has structure will benefit Angelique on her educational journey. Angelique bonds easily with a family who is active and engaged in ongoing activities and has pets. The ideal family for Angelique will provide supportive services and attention for Angelique.

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