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Annabell from Texas



from Texas

Annabell is polite, cares for others, and smiles often. Annabell is curious and attentive to what happens around her. She shows worry when she sees a situation that she thinks is not going as it should. Annabell has a confident ability to ask for what she needs despite her limited verbal skills. Annabell enjoys attention and she is also able to spend quiet time individually. Annabell is becoming more comfortable interacting and playing with peers. Annabell enjoys singing, playing outside, and watching movies. Annabell has a good memory especially recalling places, movies and songs she likes. Annabell is bright and developing some independent skills, such as completing most of her dressing and hygiene tasks with some assistance. Annabell likes to do activites she is able to do on her own. Annabell will require life-long support due to being challenged with Autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder

Annabell and Jacob are comfortable living together. Annabell tends to guide Jacob although he is not always willing to follow her lead. The children are generally calm together and get along well. They are attached to each other and would like a family to adopt them together. Annabell is polite, cares for others, and smiles often. She enjoys singing, playing outside, and watching movies. Jacob is a quiet child who relies on his caregivers to meet his needs. Jacob enjoys swinging at the park and watching movies he chooses. Jacob tends to play individually and prefers to stay close to the adults he is familiar with. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Annabell would like a family who she can rely on to help her gain independence and grow developmentally, socially and emotionally. Annabell is curious and likes to be involved with those around her. She would like her family to include her in activities as she is able. Annabell would like her family to be active and give her ample opportunities to socialize. Annabell likes to sing and dance and she would like a family who can give her an audience and encourage her. Annabell's family should know how to access resources in order to meet her unique needs and be strong advocates to ensure her needs are met fully. Annabell requires a family who can meet her needs throughout her life, as she is challenged with Autism.