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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is a highly intelligent, and very outgoing young male child. He loves being a leader, playing video games, going fishing, skating, going out to eat, taking long walks and being a comedian. He can be very respectful, and he loves his siblings. He is very protective of his younger siblings and works hard to set good examples for them. He has aspirations to be a chef and loves cooking. He is a great scholar in school has no learning disabilities. Anthony is athletic and is particularly good at playing football. In fact, he played a major role with leading the high school football team to the finals. Anthony desires to be adopted by a loving family who also loves football as much as he does.

Anthony is a laid back active and inquisitive teenage male. He loves playing sports, eating, cooking, fishing and enjoying life. He is a very protective big brother to his siblings. Israel is a friendly and helpful pre-teen male. He takes a lot of pride in his appearance and loves to dress well from head to toe. Israel also loves video games and solving mind challenging puzzles. He likes to challenge his siblings. Ada is a very energetic and playful toddler. She loves playing with her dolls, helping others and does well with other children. Having been separated at the previous placement, the siblings are working on strengthening their bond with one another. All 3 children are looking for an awesome forever family to share many adventures with.

Anthony's forever family will be understanding while working with the challenges of his past. However, he is a sweet teenager who responds well to redirection. An ideal home can be a two parent home with no other children other than his siblings. Anthony is currently placed away from his siblings. His forever family will be patient and provide him with the time needed to comfortably and successfully transition into their home.

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