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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is very happy and playful young boy. He likes to make jokes and play around with his peers. Anthony loves to play video games either alone or with others who also enjoy playing video games. He likes to engage with peers his age and participate in social events. Anthony enjoys going on outings with others. He is a good student who will benefit from extracurricular activities and or organized sports. Anthony has a very caring and respectful personality. He can be very helpful at times. Anthony enjoys playing football, basketball, playing on the game system, playing with his Legos and participating in outdoor activities. Anthony is looking forward to being in his forever home with a family that is understanding, a family who will encourage and love him!

Anthony will benefit from a consistent structured, nurturing, loving home environment. He will benefit from a positive setting where he can make progress with the appropriate support. Anthony will thrive with encouragement to participate in extracurricular activities. He will benefit from a family who will be very involved in his educational needs. Anthony will do well in a two-parent household or in a single parent household in which he is the focus.

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