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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is teen who is full of energy and loves being outdoors and in sports related activities. He really enjoys playing football for his high school team. He is both creative and inventive. Anthony likes to learn how to make things with his hands. Anthony has great manners and can also be very respectful. He enjoys giving and getting hugs, and warms up easily to new people. Anthony enjoys most subjects in school but can struggle with certain topics at times. He is a very smart youth and aspires to be a diesel mechanic when he grows up. If you ask Anthony what his favorite thing to do is, he will likely respond with anything as long as it's outdoors. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Anthony needs a dedicated family who is nurturing and understanding. He has siblings who are not part of this adoption and desires to remain in contact with them. He needs a family who understands this. The ideal family will have space for Anthony to have a room to himself and plenty of space. His family will have access to a variety of resources and after school activities to keep Anthony busy and active. Anthony needs a patient, loving family to assist him in making a positive transition into his forever home.