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  Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony has a great personality, is very intelligent, and gets along well with others. He takes pride in his appearance and enjoys looking good. He loves being outside and his favorite sport is basketball. Anthony also enjoys playing the guitar and designing clothes. He wants to attend college and become a fashion designer. He recently completed a culinary arts program and is very proud he has learned to cook several food dishes. Anthony is not afraid to speak his mind and likes to feel he is heard and respected by those around him. He is capable of doing very well in school and will graduate from high school soon. He prefers to play basketball over studying at times, but he does not have any educational needs. Anthony is well-mannered, friendly, and respectful towards those around him.

Anthony wants nothing more than to be part of a family. It is important to him to feel secure, accepted, respected, and loved unconditionally. Anthony needs a family who is patient, strict, and who will offer him guidance.