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  Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is a sweet youth who is very friendly. He loves to stay busy, as he is a very active child with energy to burn! Anthony loves to play sports and does well in anything you put him in. He thrives when he is busy and able to engage in the activities he loves. He also enjoys playing video games in his spare time. Anthony continues to work through issues from his past on a daily basis. Every day might bring a new challenge for him, but he faces those challenges and works through them. Anthony is positive and upbeat. He will bring joy to anyone who is lucky enough to know him.

Anthony loves the feel of a small town and would prefer to reside in one, if it is a possibility. He is a true Texas native and prefers to remain in the Lone Star state! Anthony has a desire to be in a home where he knows and feels he is wanted; he does not wish to be a burden on any family. He needs a family that will uplift him and show him he is valued. Anthony also needs a family that can keep up with him, as he loves to stay active in sports.

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