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Antonio from Texas



from Texas

Antonio is a very likable young boy. He gets along very well with his peers and those who surround him. He likes sports, but basketball is his favorite and he is a big fan of team sports. Antonio is very good at getting to new levels when playing video games. His favorite video game is Madden football, but he also loves trying any new games out as well. He has big dreams of becoming an NFL player. Antonio's favorite foods are pizza and hamburgers. Antonio loves school and his favorite subject is math. Antonio likes to help out around the house. He is very clean and organized. Antonio is very adoption motivated.

Antonio will benefit from a family with a mom and dad. He will thrive with a family who will treat him like their own. It will be very important that his forever family will continue to support and encourage contact between Antonio and his sister, who is not a part of this adoption.

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