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Antonio from Texas



from Texas

Antonio is a sweet child who goes by his middle name, Angel. He enjoys playing with toys and action figures, such as Hot Wheels and Legos. Another fun activity he enjoys is watching cartoons. Angel likes animals but does not know how to interact with them very well. He likes to visit the zoo and the park and is hoping to start participating in sports this coming year. Angel participated in Tai Kwon Do this year and would prefer something he can run around with more. He can be very sweet and really appreciates one on one time with adults. In school, Angel utilizes resources to help him better address frustrating and challenging situations. Staff report that this has helped him make huge progress and he continues to make observable improvements.

Angel will do best in a family that does not have many other children or animals. He needs a family that can help him develop good interpersonal skills. Angel needs a family that can support him educationally.