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Antwuan from Texas



from Texas

Antwuan is a creative youth who likes writing songs and performing them. He loves to read and his favorite animal is the peacock. He is also into the latest fashion trends and loves to get his hair and nails done. In addition, Antwuan is a very smart kiddo who has adapted to many situations. He tends to go with the flow in regards to any rules or expectations that are in place. He is very outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them. Antwuan is working on his positive coping skills, impulse control techniques, and working through his emotions and experiences.

Antwuan needs a strong family who will set consistent boundaries, remain patient with him, advocate for him, and have time to give him plenty of one on one attention. He needs a family who will patient and allow him the time to adjust from his life experiences. Antwuan is looking for a permanent home that is comfortable with the way he chooses to dress and express himself. He is open to many different types of family compositions. He would like to have siblings, preferably brothers, or would like to be an only child. Antwuan would like a family who will allow him to stay in communication with his current friends and support systems.