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Apryl from Texas



from Texas

Apryl is a very lively child with an infectious laugh and smile. She enjoys being chased and tickled. Her favorite thing to do is to play outside. She loves to swing and jump. Apryl enjoys swimming and playing on her iPad as well. Apryl is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is very receptive to touch and enjoys hugs. Apryl is active, generally happy, curious, adventurous, and opinionated. She is physically healthy. Apryl has made great strides in her speech in the past year. She uses a word book to help her with communication with adults. Apryl requires fairly constant supervision and redirection. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas. View my video on TWC "Forever Families".

Apryl will do best in a very structured environment with caregivers who can spend a great deal of time learning how to best meet her needs. She will thrive in a flexible, two parent home that can provide her with a great deal of attention. Apryl will do well with siblings who are older than her.