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Arial from Texas



from Texas

Arial is a very sweet and polite youth who can be shy until she gets to know you. She likes to go to the park with her siblings and spend time with them. She also enjoys spending time with her friends. Arial is a good student. Although she has been struggling some in math, she is getting help to bring her grades up. Arial's favorite color is red and she loves Chinese food and pasta. She is looking forward to learning how to drive soon! Arial plans to attend law school and become an attorney. She shares a very close bond with her siblings and they are a very close family.

Arial, Justin, Zian, and Jenna are fairly typical children. They share a close bond with each other and have a wonderful relationship. Arial is the oldest and works hard to set a good example for her younger siblings. Justin is the quiet one of the group, at least until he gets to know you! Zian is outgoing and very friendly. Jenna is very observant and pays attention to everything. She is also somewhat shy until she gets to know you. Arial, Justin, Zian, and Jenna obviously love each other and their sibling relationship is important to them. This fabulous foursome loves the outdoors and having fun in the sun! They also love going on vacations and new adventures together. They like going to the park, riding bikes, and just spending time together. All of the children are very smart and enjoy school. They each have goals in life and hope to accomplish them. Arial, Justin, Zian, and Jenna are looking forward to vacations with their forever family. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

Arial would like a forever family that is active and easy going. She needs a loving family who will be there to guide her through life. Having mature parents that will help her learn healthy boundaries and set a good example for her is necessary. She will benefit from a loving family who will set clear boundaries and provide her with plenty of structure, love, and nurturing. Arial will do best in a consistent, structured, and predictable environment where she knows the expectations. A two parent household will be beneficial. The ideal family will have no children other than her siblings. Arial wishes to have a family for herself and her siblings. She shares a close bond with her siblings and likes to be with them.

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