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Ariel from Texas



from Texas

Ariel is a kind, lovable, and very determined girly-girl. She is very easy to get along with and likes to get to know new people. Ariel values organization and cleaning, she uses these tools as coping mechanisms. She is very generous and constantly thinks of others. Whenever she is offered a chance to buy something for herself, she thinks about someone else who may need it more. Ariel does well in school. She is on the track team and in the band at school. She enjoys participating in both. In Ariel's free time, she likes to go out to different places such as the mall, movies, and the parks.

Ariel will fit perfectly in a family who showers her with love and patience. She thrives in routine and knowing what is coming next. Ariel is fully of energy and drive. She will do well with siblings in the home. Ariel desires a family who is caring but also offers appropriate discipline when she does something wrong. She wants a family who celebrates birthdays and has birthday parties.

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