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Armani from Texas



from Texas

Armani is the first kid to smile when you enter the room. He is a very happy boy who gets along well with others. Armani is a leader and likes to help others. He enjoys learning new things, especially when they are creative in nature. Armani loves being outdoors. He enjoys playing sports, like basketball and football. Armani also likes being around animals, he likes to help take care of them as well. He takes a little time warming up to new people; but once he does, he comes out of his shell and shows his wonderful personality. Armani is an inquisitive child, and enjoys learning how things work. Armani is a very smart and is up for learning anything!

Armani will need a dedicated family who will continue to be nurturing and understanding. It is preferable for the family to have enough space to allow Armani to have a room of his own, if possible. The family will need access to a variety of resources and after school activities so that Armani can remain busy and active. Armani will need a lot of patience and love in order to make a positive transition and he will need to be given time to develop positive relationships.

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