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Arora from Texas



from Texas

Arora is a happy, artistic, and playful young girl. She is a very smart and friendly. Arora likes to play outside and participate in activities with her friends. She enjoys getting to know her caregivers and forms meaningful connections with those she trusts. Arora enjoys playing with her toys, coloring, and creating arts & crafts. She also enjoys going to school, on outings, and playing at the park. Arora thrives in a structured and consistent environment. At times, Arora can become upset when she doesn't feel she is being given a reason for being corrected or when there is inconsistency. She thrives when she is given positive reinforcement and rewards to work towards to. Arora is ready to find her forever family who can provide her with lots of patience, love, and understanding!

Arora would like a two-parent home. She would like to have a family who understands and is willing to work with her. Arora would like a family that is open to keeping communication open with her younger brother.

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