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Ar-rayah from Texas



from Texas

Ar-Rayah is a charismatic, confident, and outgoing young girl. She is very intelligent, has a strong personality, can be opinionated, and is always will to share what she knows. Ar-Rayah has not expressed a favorite subject at school because she enjoys all of them, and generally does well in school. She is a creative child. Ar-Rayah loves to making art, which includes coloring and drawing, as well as creating things. She also enjoys going to church, playing outside, riding bikes, swimming, playing with dolls, and watching Disney movies. Ar-Rayah is strengthening her ways of managing her behavior by talking it out and the use of other coping mechanisms.

Ar-Rayah will benefit from a family with younger children in the home. She will thrive in a single parent or two parent household which provides structure, patience, and affection. Her family will be caring, outgoing, and support her cultural identity.

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