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Ashanti from Texas



from Texas

Ashanti loves to be organized, style hair, and apply makeup and paint nails. Her goal is to get her own beauty business for hair and makeup by attending cosmetology school. Ashanti loves music and dance. She is a hard worker and self-motivated. Ashanti is also very athletic and has participated in several athletic programs. She loves to run track. At the current time, she is interested in pursuing sports medicine. Ashanti does well in school. She is very invested in keeping her grades up as she likes to play sports. Ashanti has lots of friends and is very excited about her future. She has a big heart, and you can always find her trying to make others laugh. Ashanti is super excited to make new, fun, and happy memories in her new forever home!

Ashanti is waiting for a family who will be supportive and consistent for her growth and development. She will benefit from a family who is patient and has a sense of humor. Ashanti thrives with lots of one on one time. She will need encouragement and positive reinforcement when she does well. Her family must consider being open to her having sibling contact. She will need a stable, consistent, and nurturing family in which boundaries, rules, and expectations are clearly defined. Ashanti will benefit from parents who can provide her with guidance and can model positive behaviors.

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