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Ashley from Texas



from Texas

Ashley is a very caring and protective child. She is willing to try new things. She likes to skateboard and roller-skate. She loves to be outdoors. She plays on the internet and likes to learn new things. She gets along with others and makes friends easily. Ashley likes to play games. She wants other to join in and play. She loves to be around animals and feels comforted with animals around. She likes to draw an is good at sketching. Ashley likes to have attention but always looks out for her younger sister. She is very protective of younger kids. She loves to be around toddlers. She works in the toddler room at camp and decided she might want to take care of babies in the future. She tries to be everything to everyone and has to be reminded that she is enough. Ashley loves to be in the country and wants to live on a farm or ranch someday. She loves horses and farm animals. She wants a family that will love her and take care of her and her sister. She wants to be loved and cared for forever. She is looking for a forever home.

Ashley and Samantha are loving sisters. They look out for each other and get along incredibly well. They love to be together and want to remain together forever. They are very attached and function their best when they are together. Each needs their space sometimes but the love between them is remarkable. Ashley tends to baby Samantha even though Samantha is only two years younger. Ashley wants to know where her sister is at all times and stays close to her. Ashley is very protective of Samantha. Ashley is very caring and wants the best for her sister. Samantha is getting older and recognizing her independence. She reminds her sister verbally that she is not her caregiver and needs to just be a kid. Samantha always tries to help her sister be her best. Samantha has found her voice and reminds her sister that she is growing to be more independent increasingly each day. Ashley and Samantha love to hang out together. They both like to roller-skate and skateboard. They take out their boards and just interact and challenge each other to be the best at boarding. The girls like to watch movies together. They will read to each other sometimes but are getting older and getting their own likes and dislikes.

Ashley's family will be loving and caring. Her forever family will like to go places. Her forever family will live in the country and has animals. She wants a family that consists of a mom, a mom and dad, or even two moms. Her forever family will be loving and caring and will adopt her and her sister.

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