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Autumn Rose from Texas

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose

from Texas

Autumn is a very sweet girl. She is friendly and has a charming personality. Autumn is a helper and likes to assist others. She is usually quiet and cautious in conversations. Autumn is creative and enjoys making crafts. She loves current fashion. Autumn can also be a tom-boy and loves football. Autumn enjoys going to church and likes to sing. She sometimes takes a while in forming friendships with peers. She enjoys individualized attention. Autumn does well in school. Autumn is very close to her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, and would like to remain in contact with them. She would like to be adopted to meet new people.

Autumn will do well with an active family. She states she would like a mom and a dad. A family who goes to church is important to her. Autumn needs a family who can provided her individual attention. She will do well with a family who will support her and help her through disappointments.