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Ava from Texas



from Texas

If you enjoy the outdoors, Ava is your girl. She is very friendly, talkative, and full of questions. Ava loves to fish and she is so proud of her fishing pole. She loves catching channel cat and bass. She desires to have a hot pink tackle box to take with her when she goes fishing. She also enjoys camping. She loves being outdoors. When she isn't outdoors, she loves sitting down and doing arts and crafts, making jewelry and dream catchers. She loves anything to do with peacocks. Ava has a friendly spirit which attracts many people when she is in their presence.

Ava longs to be in a forever home. Ava will thrive in a single or a two-parent home. She will do well in a home which likes to go out and do things, as Ava loves to be active. Her family will take her to events and school activities. She will thrive with motivation and good role models. Ava is longing for a family to accept her and never give up on her.

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