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Ayden from Texas



from Texas

Ayden is an engaging youth, who can be easy to strike up a conversation with, especially when talking about books or nature. He enjoys a variety of activities including being outdoors, reading books, listening to music, and watching television. He is knowledgeable and opinionated about things that interest him. Ayden has a desire to learn, especially useful life skills such as cooking and learning about money managing. He is a free thinker and can easily express his thoughts and how he derived to his conclusions. This makes him an excellent conversationalist and fun to debate topics with. He typically does well in school and is exploring different extracurricular activities. Ayden responds well to one on one attention and will thrive in a home that is dedicated to helping him learn, grow, and transition into young adulthood.

Ayden's forever family will provide unconditional love and support. His forever family will set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning and be consistent with them throughout. Ayden's family will be sensitive to any feelings that may arise from issues of his past. He prefers to be in a home with two parents. Ayden will do best in a home where he feels love and where he feels he is part of the family. Ayden prefers to be with an active family who allows him to participate in outdoors and extracurricular activities. His family will listen to him and do things together. Ayden wants to be in a home that allows him ongoing contact with his brothers.

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