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Bailey from Texas



from Texas

Bailey is an artistic, intelligent, friendly, and very sociable teenager. He expresses himself through creating music, writing lyrics, and painting or drawing. Bailey is a very talented basketball player; he will play for his high school team in the fall and has high hopes to play in college as well. He loves sports and currently likes figuring out how to skateboard. He is outgoing and courteous. He has a contagious laugh and personality and is always smiling and joking around. Bailey does very well in school and makes friends easy. Learning comes naturally to him and he is generally eager to learn new things.

Bailey and Kayla absolutely adore each other. They like to tease each other and joke around but absolutely defend and protect one another. Bailey's main concern is generally for Kayla's well being and making sure his sister is doing well. When you are around the two of them you will hear jokes, stories, teasing, protectiveness, and unending laughter. They have recently discovered a common interest of playing basketball. Both plan to play on their school basketball team in the Fall. Both Bailey and Kayla share a happiness, and feed off each other when happy. They pick each other up when one is not having a good day.

Bailey will thrive best in a single or two parent home. He is very protective of his little sister, so these siblings need to remain together. They will do well with structure and attention but also in a laid back and gentle atmosphere. They need a family who likes to go out and do things as they both like to be active. Both Bailey and Kayla long for a forever family who will accept them as they are and stick with them, no matter what.