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Benito from Texas



from Texas

Benito is a playful and happy child. He is a fast moving youth who enjoys playing outdoors. Benito especially enjoys swinging. When playing indoors, he is able to complete simple puzzles and loves all types of technology. He enjoys watching YouTube videos, especially those about the movie "Cars." Benito is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fragile X Syndrome He is able to communicate well through gestures, simple signs, and technology. He is able to say a few simple words, but will only use them when comfortable with the person he is communicating with and does need some encouragement. It can be challenging to get Benito to focus on difficult tasks he doesn't enjoy, but he will complete tasks with encouragement and support. Benito is a kind, loving child and is very affectionate with those he is most comfortable with. Benito has a very sweet personality.

Benito needs a family who will encourage his personality to emerge and will be patient as he gets to know them and forms a bond to the family. Benito's family will be strong advocates for him in school and at home to ensure he receives all services that he needs to encourage his communication and development. His family will understand his unique needs and be willing to work with therapists, teachers, and other professionals. They will understand his strengths and his potential and will build on them. His family will be patient with him as he adjusts to and learns the family rules and boundaries. Benito needs a family who will provide him structure and stability daily, so that he is comfortable and happy in the home environment. His family should also be energetic and playful.

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