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Bernabe from Texas



from Texas

Bernabe is a kind and sweet boy who is very respectful and well-mannered. He will ask for assistance whenever he needs it. Bernabe is quiet at first until he is comfortable and, although he stays to himself, he will socialize and talk to others. Bernabe is energetic and displays a particular interest in playing basketball and golf. He enjoys art and drawing. He is also good at building things and loves the characters in Pokemon. Bernabe does well in school. He enjoys going on outings, attending church, and bible study groups. Bernabe wants to be loved and nurtured by his forever family.

Bernabe needs a family who will take the time to build trust and spend individual with him. His family will help him to develop his social skills, improve interpersonal relationships, and respond to daily experiences. They will nurture him and show him affection. Bernabe communicates with his sister over the phone, he will benefit from a family who encourages him to maintain a positive relationship with her.

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