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Bernard from Texas



from Texas

Bernard is a special and handsome toddler with a friendly, cute smile. He likes to listen to soft music and be cuddled. Bernard will express to anyone that his favorite thing in the world is to be loved on! His daily activities require specialized services and assistance in order for Bernard to continue making developmental progress. Bernard's caretakers report that if you hold him in your arms he will "sleep and sleep." When he is up and about at meal time, he shows that his favorite food is chocolate pudding, although he can only have five small bites. Bernard has a special "chariot" that is used to take him on strolls in the park or neighborhood. Another favorite past time of his is floating in his water pool. For enjoyment and development, Bernard spends time in a dark room to observe strobe lights and variations of different light patterns.

Bernard needs a family with heartfelt patience and understanding of his developmental needs. He will thrive with a family that has training and experience handling children with special medical needs. As soon as Bernard is able to do it, he will be cuddling his loving, forever family.

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