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Beth from Texas



from Texas

Beth is a sweet, talkative, friendly youth. She loves to chat and socialize. She likes to dance and dress up. Beth likes to pretend she's older than she is, and play with make-up. She loves looking pretty and keeping her hair brushed and neat. She enjoys riding her bike outside. Beth likes to read books and also likes art; drawing and coloring and listening to music. Beth has experienced a lot in her young life, and will most likely need supportive services for a while. She can disagreeable at times and likes to be in control of things. Beth requires close supervision while she processes issues of her past. Beth enjoys participating in supportive services and has the potential to improve socially and emotionally. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

The ideal family is one in which Beth will be the youngest child in the home. She likes being around other children, but close supervision is required at all times. Beth will do well with a family who is knowledgeable and one who will be able to help her through difficult times and imperfect behaviors.

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