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Biah from Texas



from Texas

Biah is an imaginative, energetic, and curious youth. She enjoys reading, listening to music, singing, watching movies, and playing sports. Biah likes reading about Sy-fy and any book that describes strong successful women. She does well in school and is self-motivated in her school work. Her favorite subject is math. She has a passion for singing in the choir at school and church. Biah likes animals especially cats and dogs. She also enjoys laughing and spending time with her peers. She would like to be on a volley ball or soccer team in the future. She is a healthy child and a joy to be around. Biah admires successful women and dreams of traveling to learn about people and new places. Look out world here she comes.

Biah will do well with a family who has time to spend with her. Biah needs a family who encourage her to make her dreams come true and to become that successful woman she admires. She will thrive in a family who will provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. She will also benefit from one on one attention, love, and emotional support.

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