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Billy Joe from Texas

Billy Joe

Billy Joe

from Texas

Billy likes to go for walks and be outdoors. He is happy to show affection and he loves to give hugs. Billy is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and needs assistance through verbal prompts with his everyday living skills. He has limited verbal skills, but is learning sign language. He can communicate by using body language and showing his caregivers what he wants and needs. He is able to dress himself, but he prefers not to wear shoes. Billy has the ability to build attachments with caregivers and peers. He requires consistent supervision to ensure his safety. Billy does well with a regular routine and daily schedule. He does best when he knows what is expected. In school, Billy enjoys participating in outings. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Billy will benefit from a family who will commit to him long term. A family who will learn sign language to communicate with him is needed. Billy's adoptive family will need to be patient and commit to a daily schedule so that Billy feels safe.

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