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Blake from Texas



from Texas

Blake is an active and outgoing youth who is observant, social, and caring. He enjoys spending his spare time volunteering with the Special Olympics at his school and at a youth group through his church. Blake is eager to socialize and meet new people. He enjoys playing with puppies, completing his chores, and riding his bike. Blake's attention and concentration can sometimes be a challenge. Blake takes advantage of extra services in school to assist with his educational performance. Blake does take medicine to control his asthma. He enjoys being active and on the go. Blake enjoys being involved in extra-curricular activities within the school, community, and his church. He sometimes needs to be redirected when speaking to strangers and to be reminded of boundaries. He is actively participating in his emotional adjustment by addressing his feelings and needs. Blake is eager to take on new challenges and to conquer whatever is thrown his way. He is ready to embrace and move forward with a forever family.

Blake will benefit from a nurturing home environment that will provide him with love, attention, and affection. Parents who are familiar with children, who have attention and concentration difficulties, will be a plus. Blake has two other siblings with whom he is close. He would like to maintain contact with them Parents who will allow Blake to continue to have a relationship with his siblings will be beneficial. Blake will also benefit from parents who can redirect him and who can implement boundaries. The ideal parents for Blake will ensure he is involved in extracurricular activities within the school, community, and/or his church. Blake will also benefit from ongoing supportive services to address his feelings and needs.